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Accidental Landing

I exited the teleport with a thud. I picked myself up and dusted myself off and looked around. Where in the world am I? I wondered. Just then a short slightly round man in a strange colored hat saw me and stopped.

“Welcome to Cloudopolis” he said excitedly. “It’s been a long time since we’ve had any visitors!” “Shall I show you around”

I looked at him and shrugged “sure”.

“Oh I almost forgot my name is Peppo.” As I followed Peppo around and listened to him tell the history of Cloudopolis I tried to wrap my brain around the wonder of this place. The people all looked like Peppo short and slightly round. The houses were made out of some type of odd material and the plants were shapes and colors I had never seen before. “Peppo what is it all the houses are made from?”

Peppo replied “concentrated cloud” I blinked and wondered how that was even possible.

“So” I asked are you the mayor or something?”

He looked thoughtful “we don’t really believe in titles but something like that yes” “Well” he replied “now it’s my turn to ask you” “ how did you end up in our fair land” “Honestly”

I said “my teleport blew a fuse and that’s how I ended up here”

“where were you trying to go?”

“Home” I replied.

He smiled “well you can stay here as long as you like”

“I appreciate that” I said, grateful for the hospitality and since I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to fix the teleport the invitation was even more welcome. “Well then I will show you where you can stay”

I followed Peppo to a small house next to what looked like a river but I wasn’t quite sure cause it was purple. I looked dubiously at the size of the house and back at Peppo


he laughed “it’s ok it will adjust to your size” I breathed a sigh of relief and as soon as I entered my jaw hit the floor and I just sat there and stared even if I did get the teleport fixed I could see myself staying here for quite a while.